Gentlemen In Question

Written by Melinda Hammond
Review by Fiona Lowe

From the moment Madeleine Sedgewick waits on the dockside at the busy port of Rye for the arrival of her French cousin, Camille, Comte du Viviere, she becomes embroiled in all kinds of adventure and intrigue. Madeleine soon finds herself plunged into the murky world of crime. All is not as it appears. And soon doubts arise as to the true character of the Comte. And then there is the fascinating Mr Hauxwell, a rich beau who rather intriguingly has a handy quip for every occasion.

The murder and mayhem occurs at a protracted house party in a Georgian country house at Christmas time. The amusing foibles of the house guests are lovingly described, as are the entertainments. Delightful. Madeleine is a sporting Regency heroine of the madcap variety. I loved her. Her dollops of good sense combined with complete honesty made her a refreshing read.

A nicely paced story. The narrative rattles along when the action demands, yet lingering attention is paid to the tender moments. A most enjoyable read; highly recommended.