Genghis: Lords of the Bow


By the beginning of the 12th century, Genghis the Khan of the Mongols has united the tribes north of China. Now Genghis’s brilliant, ruthless leadership has forged a force of 10,000 warriors whom he will use to exact vengeance. Lords of the Bow depicts the beginning years of Genghis’s invasion of China, town by town, city by city, not an easy feat as the Mongols face the thick, formidable stone walls protecting each major city.

In this follow-up to the equally suspenseful Birth of an Empire, the Khan’s brothers are adults now, grown to maturity and their own place of leadership as well as loyalty to Genghis. Temuge evolves from a whining boy to the able assistant of the awesome, deceptive but powerful shaman, Kokchu. But Temuge is more than a trained, loyal servant and sets his sights much higher after a brief, expansive experience within the walls of a modern Chin city. Kachiun and Khasar become military commanders whose unrivaled skill with the bow, fearsome enactment of discipline, and inspirational appeal to succeed in capturing impossible enemy strongholds provide pages and pages of thrilling reading due to the author’s deft skill in maintaining plot tension.

Genghis’s conflict with his bastard son, Jochi, and his wife, Borte, grows after his first successful campaign and taking of a Chin wife. The reader is gripped by the initial surprise and then palpable fear of the Chin leaders, who never imagined the barbaric Northern tribes could mean the end of the Chin dynasty.

If you love plenty of fierce combat scenes, fascinating yet unique characters, and historically accurate descriptions of artifacts and customs, Conn Iggulden’s novels are riveting works that will make you want to read more of this creative and talented author.

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