Full Steam Ahead

Written by Karen Witemeyer
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1851, Nicole Renard returns home from school to Galveston, Texas to find her father very ill. Her father has one thing on his mind: to see Nicole married to someone who can take over the family business, Renard Shipping. Nicole agrees to travel to New Orleans to find a mate, but when family rivals attempt to steal the Renards’ heirloom dagger, matters become complicated. When she’s on the run from the Jenkins brothers, a job opening for secretary to inventor Darius Thornton seems just the perfect hiding place for Nicole. What she doesn’t count on is becoming interested in Darius’ work, and in Darius himself. Darius is equally surprised when his new secretary proves intelligent, witty, and clever.

With imperfect but real characters, Witemeyer has again crafted a sweet tale of love and romance, with just a hint of danger and adventure. Nicole is a spunky heroine who always does what is right. She is the perfect balance to Darius’ obsessed, single-minded devotion to his work. I really liked the way they worked together to solve both their problems. Recommended for fans of romance and Christian fiction alike.