From Duke Til Dawn

Written by Eva Leigh
Review by Ray Thompson

The author of The Wicked Quills of London series has launched a new series, The London Underground. Alexander Lewis, Duke of Greyland, always wondered what happened to the lovely widow to whom he lost his heart. His delight at finding her again turns to fury, however, when he discovers she is a swindler, who makes her living by defrauding wealthy men she attracts with a story of misfortune. When the partner in her latest scheme absconds with the money, leaving her at the mercy of vengeful criminal backers, in desperation Cassandra turns to Alex for help. Will he help her track down her elusive former partner so that she can pay back the money owed?

Since this is a Regency romance, the happy ending is assured, despite the unpromising situation. The journey takes us through the world of criminals rarely encountered in the genre, viewing them with a measure of sympathy. They are, after all, struggling to survive in a harsh world without the advantages of aristocratic wealth and power. For Alex this proves a thought-provoking experience, but readers may find the plot unlikely and rather disjointed. Nor do the prolonged and detailed sexual encounters help.