Forsaking All Others

Written by Allison Pittman
Review by Elena Maria Vidal

In this continuation of the “Sister Wife” series, Pittman continues the story of Camilla Fox, whose flight from her Mormon husband corresponds with her spiritual awakening. Found half-frozen on the prairie by the United States Army, Camilla finds new hope even as she must undergo excruciating surgery as well as anguish over the loss of her children. Determined to rescue her young daughters from Mormonism, Camilla risks her life, health and heart in an odyssey which tests both faith and the full extent of maternal love. Throughout the novel, Camilla is torn between her passion for Nathan Fox and her awakening love for Colonel Charles Brandon, the soldier who has given her his protection.

While there are a few anachronistic expressions in the course of the narrative, the reader is given a fascinating glimpse into Mormon pioneer life and explores the psychological and social aspects of polygamy. It is interesting to see existence inside a cult. No character is stereotypical, however, and one sees why Camilla was drawn to the Mormons in the first place. It is also clearly shown why she ran away. Pittman weaves an unusual tale of the Old West, a tale which is both inspiring and romantic.