Forget Me Not (The Gents Book #1)

Written by Sarah M. Eden
Review by Alice Cochran

After the death of his brother in the American Revolution, Lucas Jonquil set forth to see the world—or at least Europe. Now eight years later, Lucas is returning home for a brief visit to his parents, with friend Kes in tow. He expects to reminisce with his parents, plan his next adventure, and maybe check in on little Julia—his young neighbor. What Lucas is not expecting is to discover Julia grown and now a lovely, mathematically savvy woman. Julia also had envisioned the reunion with Lucas differently; for starters, she imagined it occurring roughly eight years ago. To both her and Lucas’s surprise, their parents have a completely different plan for their reunion: matrimony.

Thrust into an unwanted and unexpected arranged marriage, Julia and Lucas must find a way to forge a connection, but a smile would be a good start. It will take patience, a few meltdowns, and the scheming of Lucas’s many merry friends.

Forget Me Not is a cute romance. This relaxing read was wonderful to read over tea in an imagined drawing-room. This is a blossoming start to Eden’s The Gents series, one I look forward to reading more of.