Forever My Own (Ladies of the Lake)

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by J. Lynn Else

1871.Trading a life in Sweden to care for her mormor (grandmother) in Duluth, Minnesota, Kirstin Hallberg is shocked to discover her brother survived the shipwreck which had counted him among the dead. After being shunned by their family, her brother Domar decided not to tell anyone except Mormor of his survival. Additionally, Mormor has been cared for by a man named Habram, who Kirstin learns is estranged from his stubborn, handsome, son. Can Kirstin help heal the wounds between a father and son? And can she convince her brother to forgive the pain in his past and let their family know he’s alive?

In this novel steeped in faith-filled conversations, Kirstin must learn to trust God’s plan like her Mormor, even as people in their neighborhood are forced out of their homes by a rich man with designs on building a hotel. Kirstin struggles to trust in things she cannot control instead of diving in and trying to fix them herself. Duluth history is intriguingly explored. I have a new appreciation for the risks and controversy behind creating the canal, a favorite landmark of present-day Duluth. The story is populated with interesting characters, and forgiveness is the central theme in this historical Christian romance.