Forever Friday

Written by Timothy Lewis
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

In modern-day Texas, Adam Colby has given up on love. A nasty divorce has left him bitter and hopeless, until he stumbles upon an album filled with postcards and love poems from a man named Gabe Alexander to his wife, Pearl. These poems illustrate a love that lasted six decades, from the 1920s into the 1980s. Desperate to find the secret to matrimonial bliss, Adam delves into the lives of these two lovers.

Timothy Lewis’ Forever Friday is a heartfelt and entertaining read. The greatest strength of the novel is its innovative structure. The reader is taken on a journey to the past, only to be brought back to the present for a glimpse into the changing life and world-views of the story’s narrator.

The main characters are likeable enough, though the mysterious Mister Jack is by far the most interesting. The story drags a bit in places. Also, the timeline can be somewhat confusing, though I found it more invigorating than anything else. Overall, the story is solid, and the structure is well worth it. Forever Friday is a story of lifelong love that will capture the hearts of readers.