For the Record: Ozark Mountain Romance, Book 3

Written by Regina Jennings
Review by Lauren Miller

Little Betsy Huckabee (A Most Inconvenient Marriage) is all grown up and working for her uncle’s newspaper and struggling to declare her independence. A career as a newspaper writer seems the surest path to adventure, if she can only come up with a subject to excite big city readers—quite a feat in Pine Gap. When a good-looking Texas sheriff comes to town, Betsy sets her sights and pen on fictionalizing her hero in print.

Deputy Joel Puckett (from Jennings’ Ladies of Caldwell County series) knows all too well the consequences of a few well-placed tall tales, and the only job left to him is order to tiny Pine Gap, where he is unwanted and hindered by the locals, including an ambitious female reporter, and masked vigilantes. Joel and Betsy share some sweet chemistry as they hamper each other in the pursuit of ambition and the eradication of vigilante justice. Perhaps in working to solve a local mystery, they may just find the love of a lifetime in this charming, fun Gilded Age romance.