Fool Me Twice

Written by Philippa Jane Keyworth
Review by Cynthia Slocum

Driven by desperate financial circumstances, Caro Worth lives a double life, as a respectable young woman of Georgian society by day and as a shrewd card player by night. Inhabiting the guise of Angelica, a fabricated illegitimate half-sister, she frequents one of London’s many private gaming parlors and gambles to make a living.

With everyone in society circles talking about the scandalous, alluring Angelica, Caro must tread carefully to protect her secret. She manages to maintain the subterfuge with ease until a seemingly dissolute son of a respectable family crosses her path one night and surmises the truth.

Her dual identity becomes a terrifying trap when a malicious and powerful aristocrat she once admired attempts to ruin her. Only by revealing her shameful and humiliating situation to trusted allies can she avert disaster. Her troubles lead to a life-threatening showdown that changes everything. This story’s premise seems implausible at first, yet the characters, dialogue, and plot are engaging enough to draw one into the perils of its atypical heroine for an entertaining light read.