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If you enjoy family sagas layered with secrets and betrayal, stories which contain a host of entangled relationships and that expertly engage your attention until the end, why wouldn’t you want to read Follow Me?

The story begins in 1946 as Sally Werner, a naïve and recalcitrant farmer’s daughter from Pennsylvania, heads out with her cousin Daniel one afternoon. She realizes too late that her motorcycle ride with Daniel and subsequent actions have left her pregnant. Unwilling to face the daily barrage of religious ramblings or the feelings of guilt caused by her parents’ pious gaze, she abandons her son and runs away. When looking for somewhere to settle, Sally falls in love with a boy named Mole. After Mole is killed in a car accident, Sally learns she is pregnant once again. Her daughter, Penny Mole, grows up to become a successful lawyer and lives with her own daughter, another Sally, whose father left without provocation before her birth.

Sally’s granddaughter and namesake is the keeper of the secrets and chronicler of her muddled, multigenerational heritage of deception. Scott crafts a cadence of consequences as the pieces of the puzzle are joined, but there is always some part missing, making the truth difficult to visualize.

Scott’s writing is pure magic. Her plot weaves an intricate pattern that keeps you guessing until the entire picture is uncovered. Follow Me is a celebration of life you will not want to end.


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