Flood Warning


Tom is a third grader who loves to pretend he is the Lone Ranger. When the Fraser River floods, Tom must help his mother and father save their dairy farm. Thinking like the Lone Ranger, Tom is the one who figures out how to lead the cows to safety. The story is based on the Fraser River flood of 1948.

Flood Warning is an early chapter book, with a dozen or so illustrations, intended for young readers. I read the entire book in about fifteen minutes. The story is simple, as are the characters and the conflict. This book would work well in a classroom that is discussing flooding, natural disasters, the outdoors, or even farming.

Elizabeth Caulfield Felt


Tom was going to school with his friends. They passed by the river and noticed the river was getting high. After school, they came back the same way, and the grass was getting wet from the river. They thought it would flood. That night, the dads filled sandbags to stop the flood. Tom wanted to go with his dad, but his mom wouldn’t let him. The next day he went to school but it was canceled because of the flood. When Tom and his friend walked home the water was really high. Tom’s dad said that the sandbags wouldn’t stop the flood, so they needed to help the cows so the cows wouldn’t drown. The graveyard was on a hill, so Tom led the cows to the graveyard, and a lot of other people were there. The next day, he played tag with some friends. When the water went down, they went back to their house, and they had a picnic upstairs because the bottom floor was all muddy.

I really liked this book.

Keegan Hefferan, age 7

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