Fishers Of Men (The Kingdom and the Crown, v. 1)

Written by Gerald N. Lund
Review by Suzanne Crane

This novel focuses on the period of Jesus Christ’s ministry. Although the timeframe of action is less than one year, the reader is able to get a great sense of the religious and cultural beliefs at odds during this time.

Written almost in diary or journalistic format, the novel chronicles the lives of individuals who are representative of the numerous factions. Lund beautifully displays that one’s profession, religion or culture should not be a barrier preventing one from being the friend or enemy of Jesus. There is no intention to condemn any for their loves and hates born solidly of experiences. It is the fanaticism, the harm to others by biased or self-serving individuals, and the inability to forgive that are destructive and serve mankind ill.

Lund has notes at the end of many chapters which refer to sources used; for continuity’s sake, the reader may prefer to return to them at the novel’s finish. Either way, Lund’s writing should be pleasing, as it will introduce, without preaching, the culture, times and lessons of Jesus the Teacher to new readers — or renew the strength of them.