Fire From Heaven

Written by Mary Renault
Review by Helene Williams

The reissue of Renault’s classic trilogy about the life and death of Alexander the Great is welcome indeed, for long-time fans and most especially for those unfamiliar with Renault’s fine grasp of history and presentation.

Fire from Heaven chronicles the boyhood of Alexander—his formative experiences and the struggle between his parents, Queen Olympias, and his father, King Philip of Macedon, for his loyalty. Renault’s telling of Alexander’s education brings to life not only the boy who went on to redefine western civilization, but the rest of those in his sphere, as well, from servant to military hero. Alexander’s lifelong love for Hephaistion begins in his youth and forms the stable center around which the turbulent events of his life unfold.

All three volumes contain maps reflecting Alexander’s world, and are a useful addition for the reader.