Fire and Ice: Wild at Heart Series Book 3

Written by Mary Connealy
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1866, Bailey Wilde has been living disguised as a man on her ranch so that she will be left alone to do as she pleases. Her homestead has been built in a way so that it blocks Gage Coulter from accessing several thousand of his acres on the other side of the canyon. She plans to us this lush land for her own cattle. When Gage comes to drive Bailey off, he quickly discovers her secret. The two, unsurprisingly, snipe back and forth for quite some time until winter sets in. After months of isolation, Bailey is secretly pleased when Gage returns to her home. But she is taken completely aback when he asks for a shocking favor, and she’s even more surprised when she finds herself agreeing to his scheme. Adding to the story is the mystery of someone attempting to murder Gage.

While predictable, this is a quirky fun romance story. Gage is stereotypically strong, big, and drop-dead gorgeous. Nevertheless, he is fun to follow as he struggles to prove himself to Bailey, and solve his issues with his mother. Bailey herself is a pleasant surprise. I liked that she remained resilient, independent and fiery throughout. She does not succumb to the traditions of the time, although she does allow love and romance into her life. Overall, this is a fun read and a fine addition to the series.