Field of Shadows: The Remarkable True Story of the English Cricket Tour of Nazi Germany 1937

Written by Dan Waddell
Review by Doug Kemp

In 1937 an amateur cricket club from Worcestershire undertook a tour of Berlin to play three matches against German cricket clubs. With Germany at its height of Nazi intolerance, it seems a little unusual that such a clearly un-Teutonic game should have been given official state encouragement. The author traces the surprising history of the game of cricket in Germany and uncovers the background and as much history is still now available about the 1937 tour. You do not need to be knowledgeable or enthusiastic about the game to enjoy this touching account of these men’s determination in Germany to play cricket, even under a regime that would soon plunge the word into a global conflict, and also cause the deaths of some of those players from that long-ago summer of 1937.