Fallen in Love


This collection of four stories explores love’s many manifestations: unexpected, unrequited, forbidden and eternal. Each tale possesses its own twist of fate, set against a medieval backdrop of a Valentine’s Day Faire; the explanation of its origins is explained within the book.

Readers who are not familiar with the ‘Fallen’ series, can still follow and enjoy these stories in the context of the characters who are mainly fallen angels, whilst accepting that there is a continuing race to find two central characters within the series of Luce and Daniel. At the core is a battle to unravel a curse and pinpoint the place where the ‘Fall’ began.

The ability to travel back in time is facilitated by using ‘Announcers’. For those who are reading this as an ‘in-between book’ before the final edition of the series, Rapture, will discover some interesting facts about the characters they have followed so far within the series, such as the origin of Arriane’s scar.

The first story gives a perspective of medieval life as seen through contemporary eyes of Miles and Shelby, with some interesting detail of costume, superstition and setting. The description of Roland dressed as a knight gives the reader an understanding of what this felt like as he rides and then climbs to see Rosaline. The historical setting is the backdrop to these skilfully woven tales, the emphasis being on the detail of their emotional experiences of love.

The characters are well drawn and their journeys are intricately woven. The writing is captivating and flows easily from one story to the next, even though the reader is aware that they are to be continued and finalised elsewhere.

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