Fall of a Philanderer

Written by Carola Dunn
Review by Vicki Kondelik

In 1924, Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher goes to the seaside village of Westcombe with her husband, Scotland Yard detective Alec Fletcher, his daughter Belinda, and a friend of Belinda’s, hoping to have a relaxing summer vacation. Any chance of that is ruined when, on a picnic by the sea, Alec finds the body of the philandering innkeeper, George Enderby, at the foot of a cliff. Cecily Anstruther, the woman who runs the boardinghouse where Daisy and her family are staying, had been having an affair with Enderby, and her husband, a naval officer who had been in a barroom brawl with Enderby the night before the murder, is immediately suspected. Also under suspicion is a schoolmaster lodging with the Anstruthers, who has been asking questions about Enderby and refuses to say why. Or could the killer be the husband or father of one of Enderby’s many conquests?

Fall of a Philanderer is another delightful entry in Dunn’s mystery series. I especially loved the descriptions of the beautiful countryside around the village, and I always enjoy the relationship between Daisy and Alec, who clearly love each other, even though Alec is often embarrassed by Daisy’s interference in his cases.