Every Mother’s Son


Molly Keegan and Bernie O’Sullivan have been friends since their infancy. As girls they fled Ireland to find a new life in Liverpool. And now, as young women, they are ready to marry their sweethearts and start to enjoy the fruits of the life they have worked so hard to establish. But as Hitler’s armies advance across Europe it seems all their dreams are about to be destroyed.

Nightly bombing tears the city apart, and every day Molly and Bernie find it more of a struggle to feed their families. Both women know that as wives and mothers they face possible tragedy and heartbreak but they also know that their enduring friendship, and the love of their respective husbands and sons, will give them the strength to continue and eventually find the peace and contentment they deserve.

This heart-warming story of two Irish girls is vividly portrayed in this well written Liverpool saga. The vivid descriptions of the devastation that the city incurred at the hands of the German bombers and the hardships the population faced with stoicism are a feature of this novel. Rural Ireland, with its peat fires and abundance of diary food, are a stark contrast to live in war-torn Liverpool.

The soul searching that Molly and Bernie are faced with before they feel ready to marry and give up their hard won independence is carefully done. The portrayal of both the younger sisters, and Aunt Augusta, minor but vital members of the cast, is well done. Lyn Andrews’ many fans will not be disappointed with this latest offering.

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