Every Fixed Star

Written by Jane Kirkpatrick
Review by Nan Curnutt

Jane Kirkpatrick continues the fictional account of Marie Dorion and her amazing life in this sequel to A Name of Her Own. In 1814, Marie has become a legend in her part of the country because of the hardships she has endured crossing the Rocky Mountains with the Astoria company. Now she wants peace and a good life for her sons, which she hopes to find in the Okanogan settlement where they are staying. Marie soon discovers all is not well in her own sons’ hearts. She feels their failures are a product of her own poor choices. She is afraid if she loves anything too much, God will take it from her. Marie has many lessons to learn before she begins to understand how God, who calls every star by name, has a name and a plan for her as well.

The rich historical detail of this novel, meticulously researched by the author, adds depth to the story, making it an extraordinary read. Notes about the research are included in the book, as are maps of the Northwest Territory at the time this story takes place. This reviewer eagerly awaits the final volume in the trilogy.