Eterna and Omega

Written by Leanna Renee Hieber
Review by Nicole Evelina

This is the second book in a gaslight fantasy series (after The Eterna Files) that follows the efforts of two organizations – Eterna, based in New York, and Omega, based in London – with a common goal: finding the secret of immortality. In this book, their employees, a motley band of mediums, magicians and others, are pitted against those who would use these occult powers for evil, harnessing hordes of shadowy demons in a quest for dominance over both the human and supernatural realms.

I must admit that I found this book confusing and hard to read. Even after going back and reading the first book, I constantly felt like I was missing something. I’m not sure if that came from the sheer number of characters, the author’s writing style, or the pond-hopping dual/intersecting plotline. I found the ending to be typical of stories that pit good against evil and therefore unsatisfying. However, the author excels at creating a spooky Victorian atmosphere that at times borders on horrific and has crafted an enemy who makes Professor Moriarty look like a saint. If you like your Victorian fiction dark, dizzying and magical, you may enjoy this book. But read the first book before this one.