Escape from the Past: The Kid

Written by Annette Oppenlander
Review by Viviane Crystal

Max is an advanced game player who has already had one adventure in traveling back in time to Germany in 1471. There he fell in love, and his girlfriend, Julianna, wanted to marry. But Max is, at heart, a contemporary teen who’s not ready to conform to medieval social standards. At the same time, he longs to return to her and his best friend, Bero.

After having an unfortunate, heavy-duty fight with his parents, he makes the decision to return to Germany. When he gets sucked into the time travel vortex, it seems daunting to his body. He lands in the middle of a scorching desert, where he immediately meets a girl whom he manages to irritate about every minute or two. He sees and actually is part of a Western-style hold-up. Max is again stunned when he meets the notorious Billy the Kid, who turns out to be a decent guy in this story.

It’s a hardscrabble life, and ultimately Max winds up getting involved in a quest for gold  and to rescue a family member of an American Indian. It’s ironic, but at first Max just gets everything wrong in his interactions. Ultimately he reveals his advanced knowledge and formidable courage against a deadly enemy, making this a gripping YA historical novel. There’s something about the essence of Western drama that makes exciting, wonderful reading. Max is fortunate enough to participate in the gritty, courageous kind of living that was once a day-to-day challenge. This is a great historical fantasy read that will make you want to read the first book in this series!