Empire: The Wolf’s Gold

Written by Anthony Riches
Review by Chris James

The Wolf’s Gold is the latest instalment in Anthony Riches’ highly successful Empire series that follows the soldier-hero, Marcus Aquila, across the Roman Empire of the 180s AD. After near-death adventures in the lowlands of Scotland and then the Rhineland of Germany, Marcus and his cohort, the second Tungrian auxiliary, are found in the wild lands just north of the river Danube, in present-day Romania or thereabouts. Their task is to protect the gold mine at Alburnus Major, hence the title. It a task fraught with danger, but from more sides than one might expect due to the primeval temptation of gold.

Like the previous books in the series, The Wolf’s Gold is a military page turner that can picked up at any time, but it is also has an unpredictable, twisting plot that keeps the reader on edge and compels one to read on. In all it is a sensational read, and Riches deserves praise for what is surely the best book so far. Keep them coming!