Empire of the Moghul: Ruler of the World

Written by Alex Rutherford
Review by Mike Ashworth

This is the third in the Moghul quintet. The story opens in 1556. Akbar is the third ruler of the dynasty, ascending the throne on the unexpected death of his father. Although young, he proves himself a capable and ruthless ruler, crushing all opposition to his rule and expanding his empire. However, as with previous novels the most dangerous threats often come from within – Salim, Akbar’s eldest son, falls for Akbar’s voluptuous concubine, leads a rebellion, and discovers that his father does not forgive easily.

As with the two previous books, this is well researched, while the deadly intrigues and the sight and sounds of the Moghul court are colourfully and effectively portrayed. The battle scenes are exciting and well written. Although written by a husband and wife team, the writing is seamless. This series has developed into a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of a great and glorious dynasty. Bloody battles, brutal killings and treachery – what more could you ask for? This book can be read in isolation, but your enjoyment will be enhanced if you have read the previous two books in the series. Recommended.