Embassy Intrigue

Written by Roger Neetz
Review by Gerard Shea

Embassy Intrigue is an inside look into the world of cold war of espionage. The novel tells the story of Eric Kempner, an academic scientist from Caltech, who is assigned to the diplomatic staff in the American Embassy in Moscow. It doesn’t take long for Eric to get an education in the bare-knuckled rules of the spy game. He is barely settled in his new job when he discovers the Soviets are bombarding the embassy with microwave radiation that poses a health threat to the staff.

As Eric begins to investigate, he discovers a disturbing reality: elements of the CIA, KGB, and Jewish MOSSAD are linked together in a clandestine operation. The story also reveals the CIA provided material support to Israel in its attempt to develop an atomic bomb. When Eric decides to reveal what he knows, the power elite in Washington will go to any lengths to cover it up, leading to tragic consequences.

The novel is worth reading because of its examination of the secrets and dirty tricks of diplomacy. The book also does an excellent job of illuminating the ambiguous line between diplomacy and espionage. Unfortunately, the story comes to a rather abrupt end and the character of Eric’s love interest should have been more developed. Still, this book is recommended for anyone who is interested in learning more about the shadowy world of spying.