Educating Caroline

Written by Patricia Cabot
Review by Nan Curnutt

Lady Caroline Linford is horrified to discover her fiancé having an affair with another woman! True to her Victorian upbringing, she says nothing. Instead she determines to become even more appealing to her soon-to-be-husband than the woman he was with. She asks the not quite proper Braden Granville, the Lothario of London, to teach her the art of seduction. Incidentally, it was Mr. Granville’s fiancée whom she found atop her own, but Caroline guards that secret closely.

In Educating Caroline, Patricia Cabot tells a delicious tale full of sensuality and humor, with a hint of danger thrown in just for fun. The cast of supporting characters include Caroline’s friend Emily, who ties herself to statuary for the sake of women’s rights, and Braden’s unusual household staff made up of shady characters from his underworld past. The effect is charming, engaging and definitely worth reading.