Echoes of Mercy

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Kim Vogel Sawyer has once again crafted a quirky and fun Christian romance. In 1904, Caroline Lang works for her adopted father, Noble Dempsey, at the Labor Commission in Nebraska. She goes undercover as a factory worker in the famous Dinsmore Chocolate factory in Kansas to investigate the mysterious death of Harmon Bratcher, who had gone there inspecting child labor rumors.

Meanwhile, Oliver Dinsmore also goes undercover in his father’s chocolate factory, posing as a janitor to get a real world feel for how the factory is run. Ollie takes an immediate interest in the people his father employs, and is especially intrigued by one of the newest toters, a Miss Carrie Lang. Predictably, Caroline and Oliver are quickly drawn together. They become good friends, but each feels the pressure of keeping their true identity secret. Even while clashing over their ideals and thoughts on child labor laws, the two learn to work together to solve the mystery of Harmon Bratcher and to save two children from dire circumstances. Sweet and fun, with surprising plot twists, this is a lovely romance that is sure to delight. Recommended.