Echoes of Massacre Canyon

Written by Ben Tyler
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Clint Ramsay works for the Underwood Detective Agency. In 1881, he travels to San Reale, Texas at the behest of his longtime friend and the current sheriff of the town, Ed Wilhoit. Accompanying him is his sidekick and former scout, Harley Fry, who was with Ramsay when they both served with the U.S. Cavalry twelve years earlier. On their way to San Reale, there is an attempt to bushwhack them, and upon arriving, they learn that Wilhoit was killed the day before outside of town.

Twelve years earlier there was a massacre of Mexicans by Indians at a place now called Massacre Canyon. Ramsay was with the Cavalry at the time, but arrived too late to save those killed in the battle. He was able to rescue a little girl who survived the massacre and left her with a local rancher to raise as his own.

With fast-paced action from start to finish, this novel delivers the punch many Western enthusiasts will enjoy. Tension builds as the author places the reader into the thick of it. The author definitely knows his western history. I highly recommend this novel.