Earl’s Well That Ends Well (The Way to a Lord’s Heart 5)

Written by Jane Ashford
Review by Katie Stine

In this sweet second-chance Regency romance, Arthur Shelton, Earl of Macklin, is a widower who has been a matchmaker for others. Just north of fifty, Macklin is finally ready to embark on love again. Señora Teresa Alvarez, however, has had it with men of privilege and their assumptions. Fleeing war-ravaged Spain, Teresa works at a theatre, putting her aristocratic education in painting to good use on scenery. When Lord Macklin visits the theatre, he takes an interest in Teresa, though she has a hard time believing his intentions are good. When dancers from the theatre disappear after trysts with aristocratic men, Macklin steps in to use his privilege for good, and Teresa is forced to spend time with him if she wants to aid the young women with whom she identifies.

This book is the fifth in a series but can be read as a standalone. The ubiquitous discussion of previous plots can make a reader feel like they are new to a friend group. But it is refreshing to read a Regency where both characters are older, the hero with not just sexual experience but relationship experience, and the heroine who is not just a wide-eyed virgin.