Eagles of the Empire: Britannia

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Chris James

Britannia is the latest in Simon Scarrow’s long-running Eagles of the Empire series, set in the 1st century AD. It is a Roman military novel that sees the main characters of the series, Macro and Cato, back in the newly created Roman province in Britain. Here, the death of the governor gives the legate Quintatus, now acting governor, a brief window of opportunity to win glory for Rome and himself. The Britannic tribes are united by the elusive and hated Druids so Quintatus determines to destroy their stronghold on the island of Mona (modern-day Anglesey), taking Cato along with him. A wounded centurion, Macro is meanwhile left in charge of the fort. There is action aplenty and unexpected drama, making this another good read from Scarrow. Readers of the series will not be disappointed by this book, and fans of military historical fiction would be well advised to give it a read. Recommended.