Eagles in the Storm

Written by Ben Kane
Review by Ann Northfield

It is AD 15 and Arminius, the leader of the Cherusci tribe, has finally succeeded in welding together the disparate German tribes under his leadership. He is sure that only he can lead them to victory against the hated Roman legions. Some gruesome sacrifices to Donar, the thunder god, can only help. Or so he hopes. On the other side Tullus, a seasoned Roman officer, is desperate for the return of the previously stolen eagles, the mighty symbols of the fighting legions. The novel basically focuses on the build-up to the ultimate battle. There is treachery, planning, negotiation, fears and death—lots of it.

This is the final Eagles of Rome novel, following on from Eagles at War and Hunting the Eagles. The backstory was filled in to a certain extent as I went along in the novel, but I feel it would have enhanced the reading experience had I read them in order. The relationships and previous experiences were key to understanding the motives of hatred, anger and comradeship. Bloodthirsty, soaked in the sweat and tears of its time, this is a fine blend of history and action. Fans of Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell: form an orderly queue.