Duchess by Night

Written by Eloisa James

Harriet, the Duchess of Berrow, has led a life of quiet rural seclusion since the suicide of her husband, Benjamin, and is ready for some fun. On a whim she agrees to masquerade as a man during a decadent house party held at the country home of Lord Strange.

For the first time in her life Harriet feels properly alive, attractive and witty and all because of her newfound friendship with Lord Strange himself. Mixing with actresses, scientists, gamesters and politicians is bound to be a dangerous game, but Harriet excels at it until she finds herself falling in love. Then she must decide whether to stay a man and deny her love or declare her true identity and risk losing her heart.

Duchess by Night is the third in a racy new series of novels all featuring “Desperate Duchesses,” and what a triumph it is. Characterised by its wit, charm and downright sexiness, this is a historical romance to give its pallid competitors a proper run for their money.

Stuffed full of nubile ladies, cads in tight breeches, swordplay, gambling and seduction, it is cheeky, ever so slightly camp and the most charming romance I’ve read in years. And if that sounds too frivolous then don’t be fooled – this is no old school historical novel with essentially modern characters simply dressed in period costumes. Eloisa James knows her history and is canny enough to ground her plot firmly in the late 18th century.

Fabulous fun and highly recommended.