Dressed for Death

Written by Julianna Deering
Review by Beth Turza

The newest Drew Farthering mystery is set in a British manor house belonging to the parents of Drew’s college chum. Drew and Madeline are celebrating six months of marriage and look forward to a Regency dress-up weekend with friends. The celebration takes a wrong turn when the fiancée of their young host winds up dead of a cocaine overdose, although she has no history of using the drug in the past. It is interesting to find that the use of cocaine was a concern back in 1933. The plot thickens as murders occur during their time there, and local officials follow leads to local cocaine smugglers and dealers. Drew and Madeline, along with their friends, need to tread carefully in case those who they least suspect are indeed dangerous drug dealers who would rather kill than be discovered.

This book is a pleasure to read. Deering’s characters are well thought out, and readers can anticipate many surprises and twists. The setting of 1930s England is refreshing, since there’s just enough technology so that the characters have flashy automobiles and can ring up the police when needed.