Down to Marrowbone

Written by Judson Gray
Review by Don E. Hill

This is an action-packed western. The story tells of two men: one, a freed slave who took advantage of the Underground Railroad to escape during the Civil War, and the other, a man whose family helped the black man reach Canada. The black man is looking for a sister who was sold off during the years before the war, and the white man has lost his inheritance and become an aimless drifter.

The story takes place in the years shortly after the Civil War and is set in a series of western mining towns. No specific state is given, but the reader is given a general impression of the Southwest. The plot has many twists and turns. The two men find themselves in a position to save a town besieged by an outlaw band. Afterward, they travel in separate ways solving their problems on their own. When they are reunited, the situation is very dangerous, and allies are few and far between.

A quick read with fast-paced action.