Written by Lisa Lenard-Cook
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

In the tradition of the found inheritance novel, this is the haunting story of two women: one Hana Weissova, Czechoslovakian concentration camp survivor, and her heir, Anna Kramer, piano teacher in contemporary Los Alamos, New Mexico, a woman with a hole in her life and her soul. Anna’s journey of discovery uncovers the horrors and blessings of her benefactor’s life and reaches beyond, uncovering memory, secret connections, and healing power.

Readers might find the beginning of this novel choppy, like the tuning of a piano. But it’s well worth the effort to continue past those first few pages and become involved, as its music soon becomes the language of the heart. Hana describes a treasured friend as “someone who could see the dark secrets of the soul and love in spite of them,” and her story later counsels “do not let your past haunt your present or your future. Remember, and forgive. There is time for little else.” Dissonance is lyrical, luminous and pitch-perfect. Highly recommended.