Discover the Ancient Egyptians

Written by Imogen Greenberg Isabel Greenberg
Review by Ann Turnbull

This is an attractive cartoon-style book about Ancient Egypt. It’s a tall narrow hardback, smooth and easy to hold, and looks as if it was made to last. At the back is a helpful fold-out map and timeline. The book is in full colour, and the colours are subtle: red ochre, yellow, grey, sage green. Brief written sections are mixed with cartoon-style Ancient Egyptians and a modern archaeologist; these characters talk in speech bubbles, making the information they impart entertaining and easy to absorb. There are sections on History, the Nile, Kings and Queens, Religion, Mummification, etc. The writing style is lively, though I felt that the written sections would have benefited from some editing here and there to aid clarity – but that is a minor criticism. A well-designed book that should appeal to children of 7-11. Highly recommended.