Die I Will Not

Written by S.K. Rizzolo
Review by Cindy Vallar

The 1813 murder of a newspaper editor intrigues Penelope Wolfe, but the resulting scandal could involve her. The editor was about to reveal the identity of Collantinus, who’s been writing letters attacking the Prince Regent. Twenty years ago, Penelope’s father had used that name to pen treasonous letters. Fearing arrest after the murder of a lady known only as N. D. and with ties to the Prince Regent and himself, he fled the country. Now someone uses his alias to seek revenge for N. D.’s murder. To protect her family, Penelope enlists the aid of two friends: barrister Edward Buckler, who’s in love with her even though she’s already married, and John Chase, a Bow Street Runner. Together they risk their lives and careers to unmask the villains and protect Penelope.

The complicated mystery is neatly solved, while the personal relationships are intriguing. Readers unfamiliar with the previous books in the John Chase mysteries may feel disoriented by the characters and period language, but as the story unfolds this fades away. From the rigid, prim-and-proper rules of society to the seamier sides of the city, Rizzolo vividly brings to life the world of Regency London.