Destiny’s Surrender

Written by Beverly Jenkins
Review by Rebecca Cochran

This second book in the Destiny series focuses on Andrew Yates in 1885 San Francisco, who sows his last oats with his favorite prostitute, Billie, before going home to seek a suitable wife. A year later, on the eve of his engagement party, Billie turns up with a child in tow, claiming that he is the father, and that an evil villain is out for revenge. The only solution seems to be for Drew to marry Billie. Protecting his son and wife becomes quite the challenge as Drew discovers the inner strength and stubbornness of his unlikely wife. This is definitely more bodice-ripper than historical fiction, especially given the modern tone and language. But despite this and the implausible plot, the story is worth a read because of its unique characters. Billie doesn’t fall into a swoon, and isn’t always rescued by her hero; in fact, it is she in the end that thwarts the scoundrel. In addition, it is nice to see that Billie isn’t immediately changed just because her status has; in fact, even at the end of the novel, she faces social snubs due to her past. The end result is a decent romance, but not much more.