Destiny’s Embrace

Written by Beverly Jenkins
Review by Nanette Donohue

Mariah Cooper inherited her unusual golden eyes from her father, and they’ve caused her nothing but grief. The neighborhood children call her Witch Hazel, and her mother, haunted by the reminder of her husband’s abandonment, resents and abuses Mariah. At age thirty, Mariah has had enough of her mother’s abuse, and she reinvents herself as a headstrong widow and flees to California to work as a housekeeper on the Yates family ranch. Logan Yates is a bachelor with no interest in marrying, and his home is the 1880s version of a rancher’s bachelor pad: filthy, smelly, and in complete disarray. He’s also devastatingly handsome, and once Logan gets used to Mariah’s independent ways, Mariah captures his heart. But getting Mariah to commit is more difficult than he expected, and Logan has to put forth his best effort to win her over – something he’s not used to doing.

Destiny’s Embrace is a solid love story, but it lacks the historical context and detail of many of Jenkins’s other romances. The secondary characters, including Logan’s mother, Alanza, are well-drawn, and the romance between Logan and Mariah is more than a little torrid. Future volumes in the trilogy will feature the adventures of the two younger Yates brothers as they find love.