Destined for You (Ladies of the Lake)

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Janice Derr

Gloriana Womack’s faith in God is being tested. A few years ago, her mother and two siblings died of scarlet fever, leaving her to take care of her father and youngest brother. Then a terrible storm hit Lake Superior while her father and his crew were fishing, capsizing their boat. Now, in 1869, left alone to raise her brother, and with the harsh Minnesota winter beginning, she feels as if God has forsaken her. Things begin to change when a stranger comes to town. Luke Carson arrives to oversee the building of a new stretch of railroad. A shared tragedy brings the two together and forever changes the course of both their lives.

Tracie Peterson thoughtfully explores the importance of faith and forgiveness in this novel, the first in her new Ladies of the Lake series. Unfortunately, while Gloriana and Luke’s romance is at the center of the book, there are several secondary stories, including one where a man from Luke’s past seeks revenge, which feel unnecessary and distracting. Still, readers looking for a tender inspirational romance with a focus on family relationships will find this a satisfying read.