Desires of a Perfect Lady

Written by Victoria Alexander

When her husband’s unexpected murder frees Lady Olivia Rathbourne from a wretched union, she is eager to begin a new life. Forced into the marriage by a callous and selfish father, she finds herself without sufficient funds until her husband’s estate is settled. But the late Viscount Rathbourne continues to control his wife, even from the grave. Only after fulfilling a bizarre set of requirements can she inherit what is rightfully her due.

Years earlier, Olivia loved and hoped to marry the Earl of Wyldwood but broke off the relationship to marry Rathbourne. Sterling Harrington was a proud man and accepted her decision much too readily. Now, having no friends due to her husband’s controlling nature, Olivia accepts Harrington’s help. Since she no longer has any feelings for him, she insists their relationship will remain platonic. As they travel together searching for the required artifacts, their love rekindles until Olivia discovers a bitter truth.

As romance novels go, this one has it share of witty dialog and engaging characters, but the plot is contrived and the ending predictable.