Deborah’s Story

Written by Ann Burton
Review by India Edghill

Like her mother before her, Deborah is slave to an abusive master. And like her mother, she has the gift of true dreaming, and her dreams of a man who will save her are her only consolation. When she encounters Lappidoth, she realizes her dreams are more than mere fantasy, and she endangers her own life to save his when her master plots to murder him. Lappidoth rescues Deborah from the cruel man who owns her and takes her to his own people, where he marries her. There Deborah’s prophetic gift lets her guide the Israelites to victory over the Canaanite army that attacks them.

Although competently written, this retelling of Deborah’s story (Judges 4 and 5) spends far too much time on Deborah’s unhappy life as a slave and too little on her role as a leader of her people. I would have liked to see more of Deborah as prophetess and judge.