Death to the Emperor

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Mike Ashworth

Death to the Emperor is the latest offering from Simon Scarrow in his Eagles of the Empire series. In Britannia in AD 60, Governor Gaius Paulinus has decided to wipe out once and for all the troublesome druids. He mounts an assault on the island of Mona, taking Prefect Cato with him to utilise his knowledge and experience of fighting in Britannia. Centurion Macro, who has ostensibly retired, is left behind commanding a garrison of retired veterans at Camulodonum. Here the story divides. Cato leads the assault on the druid stronghold, while Macro finds himself in the disastrous treatment of Queen Boudica and the subsequent beginnings of the rebellion which would sweep across Roman Britain.

This is a high-octane, action-packed novel from a best-selling novelist. The plot is well-researched, and the characters and the culture of the life and times are brought vividly to life. The novel ends before the attack on Camulodonum, setting up the next book very nicely. I can hardly wait for the next instalment. Although part of a series this book can be read as a standalone. A thrilling read. Read and enjoy! Recommended.