Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley: A Pride & Prejudice Romantic Fantasy

Written by Kelly Miller
Review by Monica Spence

1815: In this spin-off of Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy is coaxing his horse up a narrow track, thinking lovingly of his wife Elizabeth and their young son Bennet. Then he and his horse tumble to their deaths.

“But wait! Mr. Darcy CANNOT DIE!” cry the millions who know and love Mr. Darcy.

Well, luckily, you, Dear Reader, are correct. The Angel of Death, calling himself Graham, is waiting nearby to take him to his just reward. Fortunately, Graham is intrigued by what he sees in Darcy’s mind and heart. He resurrects Darcy, and after a lengthy explanation about death at the foot of a hill and other uncomfortable subjects, he convinces Darcy to take him home to Pemberley.

Graham, while on holiday, decides to enjoy human form (the body he borrowed from a dead Italian), food, music, and especially the joys of the flesh (a willing widow). Once ensconced at Pemberley, and passed off as Darcy’s college friend, Graham becomes involved with every member of the household, Darcy’s tenants, and even the people of Lambton, the village near the estate. But mostly Graham simply listens and learns. How else is he to gain insight into the lot of human beings? Darcy is terrified that Graham will take one of the people he loves, and of how Elizabeth will react to the strange man who has so much power at his fingertips. Fortunately, Graham fits in to the household, barring a faux pas or two.

Elizabeth worries about Darcy. Something is very odd about his college chum. Darcy worries about Elizabeth and the surprise he has for her birthday. But really, what can go wrong? After all, there is an angel (of death) in the house. Keep turning those pages to discover what happens in this really enjoyable, well-plotted take on Pride and Prejudice. Recommended.