Death on Delos

Written by Gary Corby
Review by Lucille Cormier

If a murder investigation could be fun, it would look like Death on Delos. The priestess, Diotima, and her husband, Niko, lead the investigation. They are smart, lively, and very hip. Pericles also plays a lead role, supported by a cast of colorful, well-drawn characters.

Diotima and Niko arrive in Delos to deliver offerings to Apollo and Artemis. Pericles arrives at the same time to take the Delian League’s funds to Athens for safekeeping. The priests, led by Geros, refuse to give up the treasury. A standoff develops. Pericles sends Niko to persuade Gelos to release the monies. But when Niko finds him, he has a knife in his chest. He and Diotima then track down the killer—just in time—for Diotima is very pregnant and goes into labor. This would be fine except that births and deaths are forbidden on the sacred island. But all ends well for everyone, except Gelos, of course.

You can’t help but like this cozy mystery. The plot is complicated enough to satisfy discerning readers, and there is excellent historical detail. But for me the characters win the day. They’re likeable and very human. I wouldn’t change a thing about this story. Two thumbs up!