Death of an Eye (Eye of Isis Mysteries)

Written by Dana Stabenow
Review by Mike Ashworth

Alexandria, 47 BC. Cleopatra jointly rules Egypt with her brother, Ptolemy, at the behest of her lover, Julius Caesar. Her reign is beset by courtly intrigues, ethnic rivalries and dangerous feuds. Her trusted spymaster, known as The Eye, is murdered, and a vast shipment of newly minted coin is stolen. With her throne teetering on the edge of disaster, Cleopatra asks her childhood friend, Tetisheri Nebenturu, to discreetly investigate, find the missing shipment, and bring the murderer to the Queen’s justice. Tetisheri finds herself plunged into a deadly world of politics, deceit and lies, where no one can be trusted—not even the Queen.

With strong characters and plot, the story is fast-paced and evokes the life and times of Cleopatra’s Egypt. The rivalry and courtly intrigues are effectively portrayed, and the story comes to life as the reader walks the streets of Alexandria. Dana Stabenow is the author of the best-selling Kate Shugak mystery series, and Death of an Eye is her first in what I expect will be a very successful series of historical novels. Fans of the genre will love this.