Death of a Dyer

Written by Eleanor Kuhns
Review by Susan Zabolotny

This is the second in the Will Rees mystery series, which takes place in Maine in 1796. Rees has just learned of the murder of his childhood friend, Nate Bowditch. Mrs. Bowditch has sent her attorney to secure Will’s services to prove her son, Richard, innocent of killing his father. He can only do that by finding the guilty party. This story has a plethora of interesting characters, and not all of them are suspects. There are lots of vices to move things along: gambling, illicit love, and wife-beating. Will himself is in a complicated relationship. Lydia, who appeared in the first installment in this series, has left the Shaker community to live with Will and to assist him as much as he will allow. Will’s 14-year-old son, David, resents his father’s long absences, travelling the countryside as a weaver. This causes some discord in their lives. This novel is a light, easy read, and I would recommend it.