Death at the Jesus Hospital


London, 1910: in an almshouse named Jesus Hospital, elderly members of the Ancient Mistery of Silkworkers, a London livery company founded in the 17th century, trade off their money for safe harbor at a fragile time of their lives. When their pompous and avaricious Prime Warden is inconvenienced by the murder of a Jesus resident, he orders his personal assistant to clear up this nagging problem. There is no better man for the job than Lord Francis Powerscourt, who served in Army Intelligence, fought in the Boer War and is renowned for solving delicate but complex problems.

No sooner does the coroner show Lord Francis a strange, thistle-shaped mark on the corpse than another killing takes place. Then another man is found with his throat cut, the identical thistle-like brand on his body. Then at the annual Silkworkers banquet, the former Prime Warden is found stabbed through the heart–and stamped with the same odd symbol.

What do three men of diverse backgrounds have in common other than the Silkworkers and the thistle-shaped branding? Or is there another, hidden explanation? This novel abounds with intrigue and clever clues, reaching back in time to tie villains and innocents to the present. The intelligent, curious and appealing detective, Sir Francis Powerscourt, will have readers eagerly turning the pages as multiple story threads are woven together for a thrilling and satisfying finale. Highly recommended.

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