Dearest Rogue

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Cindy Vallar

Lady Phoebe Batten wants to explore life, even if she falls, but her brother cages her like a bird because she’s blind. Captain James Trevillion, an ex-dragoon, loves her in silence, protecting but never stifling her. He never expects footpads to kidnap her on London’s reputable Bond Street in 1774, but despite his crippled leg, he rescues her. Perhaps because of her blindness, she sees past his lameness and wants to explore their relationship further. But when a second kidnapping attempt nearly succeeds, he blames his injury and resigns as her bodyguard.

What nefarious plans does the kidnapper have for the sister of the most powerful duke in England? Trevillion hunts for the true mastermind, who lurks in the shadows, manipulating others to do his bidding, because he loves Phoebe even though they can’t be together.

Hoyt weaves an intricate tale that demonstrates how those of us with sight can still be blind. While the mystery fades in the middle and, at times, seems a bit forced, the skillfully-drawn protagonists come to life and allow readers to experience their heartwarming story as love blossoms.