Dead Ringer

Written by William Cone
Review by John Manhold

A clandestine operation between the Nazis and Japanese during WW II provides enough uranium for production of a nuclear warhead to set loose on the Allies. The story is of an incredibly audacious plot to stop the activity. To provide more details would be a disservice to the reader.

The author has provided a well-written, unusual plot based upon pertinent historical detail and some vague rumors, whose origins were impossible to discover, but had some circulation in the later war years and beyond. The presentation is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Clancy but with more emphasis on Jack Higgins—the novel moves at a slightly slower pace. Historically, only one small  (unimportant to the story) error exists in all of the detail—Escudos were the money used by Portugal at the time. I believe readers of historical novels will thoroughly enjoy Dead Ringer